Rental Services

Are you organizing an event in the open or does your construction site lack the basic sanitation required by OSHA? We, at Estaff, are equipped to take care of any such restroom rental need. We offer a range of restroom rentals that include luxury portable restrooms and basic restroom rentals, based on your requirement.

So, whether it is a special event or a construction site, whether you need a single unit or multiple units, you can turn to us for all kinds of restroom rentals. We would help you in calculating the number of "porta potties" (used as a short form for portable toilets) or portable restrooms that you would require, based on the number of people expected at the event or the number of workers at your construction site. Additionally, we also address your needs for temporary fence rentals, mobile storage containers, and so on. So, no matter what your rental needs, we have the perfect solution!

Estaff offers the most modern, state-of-the-art equipment. Our commitment to quality is unparalleled in the industry. We dedicate ourselves to providing our customers with the cleanest and most advanced portable restroom facilities available.

Our commitment to our clients and our experienced staff ensure you always receive the most appropriate porta potties rental and that your event needs are met and exceeded. We further ensure event success by providing additional amenities for porta potty rentals including hand sanitizer, tissue seat covers, two-ply tissue paper, and above and beyond staff support. Our executive portable toilets provide the ability to use a handsink with liquid soap and paper towels, and our luxury mobile restroom trailers provide elegant amenities normally only found in four star hotel restrooms

Our Heavy-Duty Crowd Control Barricade is manufactured to withstand the most demanding circumstances of any venue, both indoor and outdoor. These lightweight, steel-constructed barricade sections only require two people for setup and takedown. In addition, each section is equipped with an effective - and yet simple - locking mechanism so that barricade walls of all sizes take only minutes to assemble. When barricades are locked side-by-side forming a solid barrier, it prevents the crowd from breaking the barricade wall, protecting both the stage performers and audience. Not only does the Crowd Control Barricade have a powder coat finish to prevent rust, it also has an integral step on the rear of each barricade for security personnel to stand on to observe and control the crowd. Our modular crowd control barricade is sure to complement any performance.

Each barricade section can be folded compactly to fit most storage spaces. The Barricade Cart is also available for easy transport and storage.